Adventure Tourism

Adventure hobbies; explore all dimensions of your life, get adventurous.

Step out for a trek, get closer to nature, become a explorer, climb a mountain, swim in the river, go out camping and fishing, sail the oceans, dive into the blue ocean with snorkeling and scuba diving equipment's, go for a Kayaking tour,feel the might of white waters while rafting the might rivers, explore the sheer trill of flying in paragliding, micro-flights or hot air balloon, climb a summit, craw into the caves to discover a new world, old heritage and cultures.. all this and much more in the company of experienced adventurers who know how to make a complete experience and always keeping safety first.




Kite Boarding

Wind Surfing

Deep Sea Fishing

Safaris (Elephant, Camel, and Horse Back)


Fencing, Rifle Shooting etc. 

We also undertake Summit Climbs, Trekking Expeditions, Cross Country Treasure Hunts etc on request.