Camping Checklist - For Organised Campsite

We have prepared this camping checklist for camping experiences at Organised Campsite in Tropical Regions.

By organised camp-site we mean basic camping amenities like (Tents, Sleeping "Bags or Bedding", Wash-rooms and shower rooms, Basic meals like evening tea/coffee, breakfast, dinner, camp-fire wood, lighting after sundown are available for use as part of package or for extra charge).

Checklist for Camping:

Carry comfortable and casual clothing depending upon the weather forecast..

Shorts or Three-fourth Pants, Track Pants, Leggings etc. 
Comfortable - T-shirts or Out-door shirts 
Trekking Shoe if you plan to go on local treks or hikes
Carry spare slippers or floaters
Cap or Hat (if you are planning camping in summer or sunny weather then Hat has definite advantage over cap).
a spare light and comfortable slip in shoe is nice to have but not mandatory.
Carry ample undergarments depending upon the duration of your stay.
Swimming trunks would be a good idea if you get an opportunity to swim in local water-body. Check for safety and permissions required before heading for a swim.

(note: Avoid city running shoe or Gym shoe for camping / treks you will end up ruining them)

Personal Outdoor Survival Kit
Day pack for local hikes
Water-bottle (2 Litres) 
Multi-utility Knife kit
Flash light
Hand Sanitizer
Comb, Small Hand Mirror
Mosquito repellent or patch

Personal Toiletry
Sun Screen
Cold Cream and Lip Balm
Mouth wash, tooth paste, tooth pick, and tooth brush
Shaving Kit
Soap, Shampoo, and Towel

Medical kit
Small Antiseptic lotion Bottle
Anti-septic skin cream for small injuries 
Anti-allergic anti-inflammatory  skin cream for insect bites (Velbet)
Anti-fungal (Betnovet-C)
Anti-fungal dusting power (Candid) 
Bandages and Cotton
Small ready to apply Bandages
Generic Medicines like (Paracetamol, Anti-allergic, for stomach infections, acidity etc).
Also carry personal medicine if you suffer from any chronic ailments

Specialised requirements like Rain-wear, winter clothing, etc.. has to be checked with the local camp-site organiser for specific check-list. 

To make camping more interesting you may also carry some of the following:
Books for reading
Board games
Fishing kit
Field Guides
Personal Barbecue kit with pre-marinated food for cooking.
(note carry all food in personal portable chillers)
Personal extra snacks, fruits, etc.
Portable cooking kit (you can experiment with some experimental outdoor cooking it can be fun).

Camping etiquettes:
Always remember that you are at camp-site for a camping experience and not at a 5-Star luxury resort. Camping grounds are most of the times located in remote offbeat locations and have a rustic settings with bare basic facilities. 

Camp-sites are not for loud music parties, event if you manage to get an OK for some music please keep the decibels down so that you don't end up spoiling other people's camping experience.

If you have a large enough group, you may book the entire camp-site and you MAY get permission to play music system till 11:00 pm.

All camp-sites follow eco-tourism policy(no littering, take back everything that you carry to camp-site). Litter bins are always available at all camp-sites.

Kindly take care of your personal belongings; no one will be responsible for them.

Please leave your shoes outside the tents.
Eating of food not allowed inside the tents.
Use of sharp objects or cooking inside the tent not allowed.
Lights out after 11:00 pm; No loud noises after 11:00 pm.
Respect privacy of other campers.
No Smoking inside tents or on meal tables.
Drugs not allowed in our camping area.

Check out few Organised Camping Grounds Click here.

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