Travel Checklist - Himachal

General Instructions on Clothing (Summer Travel)


Tops / T-Shirts (keep some t-shirt that are full sleeves); Dry fits t-shirts can be good option if you plan to go on few walking trips or treks.

Lite trousers, Lite Jeans; Track Pants; or combination of (Dry fits and shorts).

Warm Woolen Sweater ; Lite Winter Jacket; Woolen Head Gear and (optional Muffler).

Carry plenty of spare undergarments and socks. (keep one of two pair of lite woolen socks).

Sun Glasses.

Shoe: Tough Canvas Shoe or Trekking Shoe or Tough Sports Shoe

One pair of lite woolen gloves.

Keep one set of floaters or slippers (washable).

If you are travelling closer to monsoon season also carry a spare poncho (raincoat) 

Personal Toiletries and Sanitation accessories

Soap; Shampoo; Towel; personal toilet papers 
Tooth Paste; Tooth Brush; Small Mouth WashMoisturizer; cold cream; Sun Screen (35 to 40 SPF)
Lip Balm or Lip Guard
Vix Vapour Rub; Mosquito Repellent; 
Shaving kit; Pocket mirror.
any personal medicine that you generally take regularly for some chronic illness.
flash lights with spare batteries. 
Hand Sanitizer


Carry personal set of favorites munchies Chocolates; Dry Fruits; Biscuits etc for in between snack. Don't carry too much.


Carry one Backpack - 60 Liters (as main bag)
Carry one Daypack - 30 to 35 liters (to carry during the day for camera, sweater, jackets, poto-ids, water bottle, flash light, personal medical kit etc)
A Waist Pouch can help too.


All items are to be wrapped in plastic or poly bags or waterproof nylon pouches..
Carry an additional smaller backpack (for 1 day trip kind of) where you can leave your heavy baggage at the camp and travel with lighter bags if needed.
Pack bulky and light stuff at bottom and top. All heavy stuff towards the center of the bag and towards your body.
Use Compression straps if you have them in your bags, these will help you keep all items in place.
Keep all handy stuff in day pack (Photo IDs, Tickets, Woolens, Camera, Personal Medicines, Money etc). 

Optional items

ziploc bags for cameras with water proof pouch. (Pack all your items in separate zip pouches or plastic bags to keep it organised). 
Camera with spare battery and memory
matches / lighter
Spike Guard – for mobile / camera charging (We may have only one socket per room in hotels, so kindly carry spike gard with multiple sockets)
spare cells for Mobile Phone and Cameras (Cells discharge faster in extreme colds)..


In mountains and remote places like Himachal one may not get clear signal for telephone's so be ready to a telecom blackout occasionally. 

Important To Dos

Always reach 30 before scheduled time for all activities reduces stress
(Better early than late, better sure than sorry). 
Keep photo ids, tickets in places where you can reach them easily.
Don’t make the baggage too heavy; maximum one backpack and one handbag (day pack). Don’t carry items not require or more quantity than required.
Airport security check-in. Pack all  Liquids, paste tubes, shaving kit; scissors; any sharp objects in check-in luggage; pressurized bottles etc..
Always carry a Photo ID while travelling; with spare copies of photographs and photo ids. 

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