Obstacle Course for Kids

Obstacle Course for Kids

Learning Team Work and Leadership through Obstacle Course

  • Commando Crawls
  • Commando Ladder
  • Commando Net
  • Balancing Beam
  • High Wall
  • Tarzan Swing
  • Monkey Ladder
  • Pilot Ladder
  • Tunnel Challenge
  • Rope Balancing
  • Tyre / Tube Obstacles
and many more challenges blended with several themes to match the objectives and also increase challenges / make the obstacle course more interesting.

Obstacle Course for children is great; it not only fun and adventure but help build qualities like team work; leadership; adaptation; empathy etc.  This type of activity can address a number of issues, and the facilitator team can incorporate specific goals into the plan based on the objectives of the customer. The course can be altered to suit children of different ability levels.

Sequencing and Attention
An obstacle course is a sequencing activity that requires attention and memory. If a child has a learning  plan goal of staying on task, an obstacle course can serve as a useful tool because the child has to complete one part of the course before moving on to the other. The activity has a beginning, middle and end, which is an important feature for kids learning how to sequence.

Receptive Processing
Receptive processing involves the ability to understand, or to process information. The skills are important for children learning how to follow directions because they have to process the commands and demonstrate understanding through their actions.
Adding receptive commands into the obstacle course is a great way to test how well a child processes spoken directions.  For example, if a child goes through two steps in the course, spontaneously adding, "Show me arms up!" into the mix can give insight into receptive processing skills.

Following Directions

Following directions, especially spoken requests, can be very challenging for many kids on the spectrum. An obstacle course can be designed to work with just one step directions, and continue to several steps, depending on the child's age / past experience level. 

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