Mountaineering Workshops 1 day

Introduction to Mountaineering Basics,  Introduction to safety equipment , Safety Protocols, Basic / Elementary Rock Climbing Techniques, Rappelling, and few Knots.

For Beginners.

Date: June 21st, 2014

Location Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Planned Schedule

7:30 am Sanjay Gandhi National Park Main Gate
Introduction / Induction
Basics of Mountaineering
Boundering / Rock Climbing / Rappelling

3:00 pm Windup

Camp Fee: Rs.750 per head.
Limited Capacity

Camp Fee: Includes (Safety Equipment, Expert Resources, Activities and Workshop as mentioned in the scope).

Travel cost not included: Drive down in your own vehicle or Car Pool.
Food: Carry packed breakfast and lunch; 3 liters water per head.


Introduction to basics of Mountaineering
Safety Equipment's 
Basic Technique
Team Work
Team Work and Protocols
Basic Knots

Adventure Activity Basics (Basic Rock Climbing for beginners and Rappelling)

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