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Plan your own treks, listed are few trek popular as Monsoon Special Treks and also for other seasons..  these destinations in Maharashtra includes Hills, Forts, Valleys, Wild Life Sanctuaries, Coastal Cliffs, and more.

Nature Knights at Karnala Fort

Trekking is a leisure sport, a hobby that soon gaining popularity with tourist across over the globe.  Its economical, can be planned for over a weekend from 1 to 3 days or medium to big treks from 4 to 15 days in Western Ghats or the Mighty Himalayas.

One can add camping, mountaineering, kayaking, white water rafting, snorkeling, caving, exploring forts, team building, fun games,  etc to make it more interesting.

Its fun to chalk out your own plan and go our exploring on adventure holidays. We are here to help if you need our assistance. We organize treks for Corporate or Small Groups.

Also read more information on checklist for Camping and Treks refer to the hyper link at the bottom of this page.

Kindly also note that a custom trekking holiday will be slightly more expensive than a fixed schedule trip as this event will be only be hosted exclusively for your group; the the costing may actually vary depending on number of persons in your group.  With obvious better economics working towards higher number of person. Also trek are more enjoyable with a smaller group.

So help yourself in exploring the locations given below; we will keep adding more location and at the same time also keep adding more useful information on each of the locations.

For Himalayan Treks - Click here

Easy Grade


Note: All custom trek bookings to be done minimum 5 days in advance with 100% advance. Due to our limitation in bandwidth we will reserve bookings of customers on first-cum-first basis.

Moderate to Difficult

Difficult to Tough (2 Days)
Explorer Treks (Trekking in less explored territory) 

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