Learning with Trekking

Learning can only occur if one takes risk, that's what we strongly believe.

Nature Knights was founded around 25 years ago, It started as a Nature Club of India, in the year 1989. Our activities then were focused around Nature Excursions. Environment Orientation Work and Basic Adventure Trips that revolved around the theme of Nature. 

By 1992 Nature Knights started trekking and exploring to places of Archaeological interests like Forts, Ancient Temples, Caves, Remote Hamlets where life style still has been influenced by modern worlds etc.  

Nature Knights programs are designed and executed by Team Nature Knights comprising of members from diverse corporate and cultural groups. Individuals from HR Background, Academics, Sales and Marketing, Accounting working in various industry verticals like IT, Media, Manufacturing, FMCG, Pharma, NGOs to name a few. 

Nature Knights has executed several structured and unstructured adventures giving a good variety of mix to its members and institutional customers.

We do not limit ourselves to one blend of trekking, but include adventures like mountaineering, caving, nature trails, jeep safaris, biking, river rafting, team dynamic games, music, 3 penny theaters, simulation and various other adventure.Most of our adventures / events are hosted in remote undisturbed environment. This is aimed at providing experiential learning to individuals and teams. 

In 2014 Nature Knights 25 years and we have planned 25 mild to extreme adventures:

Chaddar Trek in the Trans Himalayan Mountain Ranges
Mount Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC Trek)
Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Camp in Andamans
Kayaking treks in the back waters of Sindudurg
White Water Rafting in Rishi Kesh
Trek near Mighty Duladhar Range (Triund)
Exploring Raj Gad and Torna, Trek to Vasota
Camping in Full Moon Night at Konkan Kada (Harichandragad)
Safari to Explore Remote Zanskar
 Camping and Extreme Exploring in Dhak Fort and Bahiri Caves. 

... click here to read more details on 25 Special events

Most of our members are from the corporate world, we give lot of first timers and amateur trekkers a flavor of real adventures. Our team for any treks is a mix of experienced trekkers and first time trekkers. Our adventures gives an opportunity for all a good exposure of Team Work and Leadership. And few of our tools of learning are adventures, exploring, empathy, fun and sharing. And what's more we have a clean and proven safety track record of 25 years no serious injuries in-spite of hundreds of adventures. One of the leading publications also referred to us "The Masters of Risky Business"...

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