Basic Check List for Corporate Offsite


  • Track Pants or loose comfortable trousers; Preference is for trousers whose material is light and can stretch.
  • Wear loose full sleeves shirt or t-shirt of material that can breath, but does not retain liquid
  • Cap or hat with good shade
  • Wear comfortable sports shoes or canvas shoes.
  • You may optionally Carry Spare floaters or slippers.
  • Socks – carry one pairs of spare socks. (Optional)

Special Dress Code

Kindly carry items to match the theme of the day.

e.g. For Tribal Theme you may carry the following props:

Firstly get creative.

 Fancy Tribal like hair bands, colored ribbons, head gears like wigs, Body paints, jackets (that matches tribal theme),Printed t-shirts carrying tribal messages or t-shirt / shirt / tops that have a tribal looks etc. 

Let your imagination go wild.. You can probably create any tribal dress with the props given below.
You may also carry chart papers, scissors, new papers, paper ribbons, balloons, tribal masks, colours, paint brush etc..  . Also try few local adaptions (fallen leaves, branches, ropes, etc).

Personal medical Kit and Toiletries

  • Bandages - Band aid, Crape Bandage, Gauze
  •  Anti-septic cream – Soframycine and Burnol
  •  Paracitimol – Crocin
  •  Anti-Dyheration - Glucose D/C and Electrol
  •  Anti Vomit / loose motions, Anti – Allergies (optional),
  •  Mosquito / Insect repellent ointment. e.g. Odomos
  •  Pain killers and / or any other personal medication recommended by your family doctor.
  • Your medical Kit should contain your blood group and emergency phone number.

Other essentials in your outdoor survival kit

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Torch / Flash Light
  • Hand Towel
  • Water bottle for field activities.
  •  Carry small shoulder bag for carrying your day pack

Other Optional Goodies
  • You may also carry goodies like camera; small - binoculars.

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