Corporate Onsite Training

Framework for Ignite Services Training Modules

Personality Development (5 days session) or individual modules

Module 1: Communication Skills1
(i)             Visible elements
(ii)            Invisible elements
(iii)           Active listening
(iv)           Body Language etc

Module 2: Communication Skills2
(i)             Oral Communication
(ii)            Usage of professional language
(iii)           Telephone Etiquettes
(iv)           How to enhance communication skills

Module 3: Interpersonal & Behavioral Skills
(i)             How to interact with customers
(ii)            How to interact with family
(iii)           How to interact with friends
(iv)           How to interact with Colleagues
(v)            How to interact in Society

Module 4: Conflict Management
(i)             Reasons for conflict
(ii)            Effect of Conflict
(iii)           Tips to manage conflicts

Module 5: Personal Grooming
(i)             Hygiene
(ii)            Physical appearance
(iii)           Dress Code
(iv)           Professional Etiquettes
(v)            Personal Etiquettes
(vi)           Basic Table Manners
(vii)                Toilet Etiquette

(ii)            Why is good service important
(iii)           Moment of Truth concept
(iv)           Qualities required to be a good Customer Service                               personnel
(v)            Communication Skills- Usage of Professional Language,                       & Basic Telephone Etiquettes
(vi)           Non verbal communication- Body Language
(vii)                Who is your customer and who is the consumer
(viii)               Knowing your consumer well
(ix)           How to create customer Delight- The Wow factor

Team Building
(i)             Meaning of Team
(ii)            Building a team
(iii)           Foundation of Team Building
(iv)           Tips to become and effective and influential team


(i)             How accountable are you (exercise of 10 questions)
(ii)            What do you mean by accountability
(iii)           How can you increase your accountability quotient
(iv)           When will you be accountable in your job?
(v)            What are the things behaviors you will display when you are      accountable?

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