Water Fall Rappelling.

Monsoon Special: Water Fall Rappelling

Activities: Water Fall Rappellin combined with team building games and other adventures.

Date: July 30, 2011

Rasayani Waterfalls (Near PEN, within three hours drive from Mumbai on Mumbai-Goa Highway.

The Sport:
Canyoneering is a brand new sport that’s becoming very popular all over the world. Western Ghats have many waterfalls and flowing streams that offer plenty of opportunity to enjoy this sport.   

This unique, multi-sport adventure combines rappelling, down-climbing and river tracing in a deep valleys. Exploring trails following down the steep waterfalls is an adventure experience of a lifetime – go where very few have had the privilege to roam! Imagine yourself in the midst thick forest at the top of tropical waterfalls with surprises each step of the way.

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