Visapur Fort

Exploring History and Heritage on trek to Ancient Fort dating back to almost 2000 years old. These forts may have been building during the Satavahana reign. These forts were ruled or controlled by different kings and dynasties over the period of centuries. The last to rule it was British…

Fort Name: Visapur Fort and Bhaja Caves
Altitude: 3567 feet above mean sea level.
Difficulty Grade: Moderate (2 hours and 30 minutes to climb and 2 hours 30 minutes to descend; around 2 hours to explore the fort).

It is located in Pune district, 9 to 10 km from Malavli Railway station out of which 5 km is steep road. It has an elevation of 1084 meters above sea level. It is built on the same plateau as Lohagad.
Nearest Railway Station/ Bus Stand: Malavli (You can reach here by local train from Pune or Lonavala).

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