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Trekking Adventures
Irshalgad – 1st Monsoon Trek
June 18th, 2017

Spooky Bhoot Bangla Night Trek
June 25th, 2017

1st Monsoon Jungle Trek to highest Summit in Mumbai (SGNP)
June 24th, 2017

Madap Waterfall Rappelling Trek 
July 9th, 2017

Something special coming up here

Something special coming up here

July 22nd, 2017 (2 Days)
Bush Craft, Survival, and Wilderness Camping Adventure, (Built your own survival bamboo raft; raft ride; tubing; fishing with native gear; built your own survival eco-system - pitching tents; tarps; fire area; personal kitchen; 
lighting your own fire and cooking meal on wood-fire; navigating during night trek;
Basic art of climbing on steep slopes; survival rappelling; basic but important knots in rappelling)

Sandan Valley Extreme Monsoon Bouldering and Canyoning Trek
Sept 8th, 2017 (2 Nights and 2 Days)

Igatpuri Camp
Coming up

Pauna Lakeside Camp
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Harishchandragad Wilderness Camping
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Bhoot Bangla Trek

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So you think, you can trek...

Irshalgad Trek (as - First Monsoon Trek)

Travelog Date: June 18, 2017.

Grade: Medium (3 hours ascend and 3 hours descend).

I always wanted to climb Irshalgad been crossing the base village of this mountain from Morbe Damside while climbing to Matheran from Shivaji Ladder.  This time due to some misdirection given by google maps while driving we took a left turn a couple of km ahead of Chowk station the road lead us to an interesting offroad ride on countryside mud roads. We finally decided to park our vehicle in a small Hamlet (Wada) called Poyinje. 

Irshagad would have been a critical watch tower, you can see Prabagad, Karnala Fort, Dhak Fort, Rajmachi, Matheran, and several other hills from here.

An Offbeat trail leading to Irshalgad from the west side of the mountain starts here at 
(Nanai Factory).

Unlike the trail starting from Morbe Dam side the trek from the west side of the mountain has a reasonably thick forest cover, and being on the west side if you start your trek early in the morning you will also have the benefit shadow cast by Irshagad hill. 

The trek route is a steep ascend taking you to a plateau from where you can see Irshal machi and few small farms. On a warm and humid day, this trail can become tough if you start later than 10 am. So ration sufficient hydration fluids (2 liters per head minimum) and few seasonal fruits and salad items to go with it. 

(scroll down to read more about Irshalgad trek).

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